Flower Storage

Efficient Flower Storage and Transportation with Polar King Mobile

Martin Smazenko Polar King Mobile, Trailers

Efficient flower storage is critical in the industry. When it comes to maintaining the freshness and beauty of delicate flowers during storage and transportation, the right environment is crucial. Polar King Mobile offers refrigerated trailers specifically designed for florists, ensuring optimal conditions for flower preservation.

Dealer Network

Polar King Mobile Expands Its Dealer Network: Bringing Quality Mobile Refrigeration Nationwide

Martin Smazenko Polar King Mobile, Trailers

In an exciting development for food service and logistics industries, Polar King Mobile is proud to announce a significant expansion of our dealer network across the United States. This strategic move is aimed at enhancing access to our state-of-the-art mobile refrigeration units, enabling more businesses …

"What is Cold"

Understanding “Cold”: A Fresh Perspective from the World of Refrigerated Trailers

Martin Smazenko Polar King Mobile, Trailers, Walk-In Coolers

“What is Cold?” As specialists in refrigerated trailers, we’re passionate about all things cold. But have you ever stopped to think about what “cold” really means? In this post, we’ll explore the concept of cold from a scientific standpoint and connect it to the everyday …

New Dealer

Polar King Mobile Announces New Dealer in Louisiana 

Martin Smazenko Polar King Mobile, Trailers

Polar King Mobile (PKM), North America’s premier provider of affordable refrigerated and freezer trailers, introduces Eagle Truck Center, LLC as its newest dealer. This collaboration marks Polar King Mobile’s first dealership presence in Louisiana, enhancing accessibility to cutting-edge over-the-road cold storage solutions for customers in the …

Floor Planning

Unlocking Your Dealership’s Potential: Polar King Mobile’s Floor Planning Solutions

Martin Smazenko Polar King Mobile, Trailers

In the competitive world of dealership management, one of the most crucial aspects is ensuring a robust financial strategy. At Polar King Mobile, we recognize the importance of leveraging financial resources effectively to drive growth while managing day-to-day operations efficiently. Our commitment to supporting dealerships …