Medical Applications

Polar King Walk-in Cooler and Freezer Medical Applications

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Whether you run a clinic, hospital, or emergency room, your walk-in cooler, freezer, or refrigerated trailer must be reliable and have precise temperature control. With the strict regulations in the healthcare industry, your walk-in must not only meet US Department of Health standards but also Underwriters Laboratories (UL) safety provisions.

Polar King Walk-in Cooler and Freezer Medical Applications

Polar King offers walk-in freezers, refrigerated trailers, cold rooms, controlled environmental rooms, mortuary coolers, and walk-in coolers for hospitals. Each unit can be highly customized and tailored for use in specific medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Cold Rooms and Controlled Environmental Rooms

Polar King offers both walk-in cold rooms and controlled environmental rooms for use in the medical and pharmaceutical industries’ cold storage. Each of our cold rooms provides accurate and specific controls of the temperature and humidity as well as air quality. Polar King cold rooms are walk-in cooler and/or walk-in freezer units that are specifically designed for the storage of temperature-critical pharmaceutical products, samples, and specimens. With standard units available as well as fully-customized units, Polar King can provide you with the flexibility and accuracy needed in the pharmaceutical industry.

Mortuary Coolers

At Polar King, we understand the critical importance and sensitivity regarding the storage of the deceased. Mortuary coolers are an essential tool for not only preserving bodies but also to keep internal organs preserved for transplants. The Polar King mortuary cooler and freezer was designed specifically to meet the demanding needs of the funeral home, crematorium, and morgue industries.

Medical Applications

With the desired goal to lower funeral costs while also offering greater flexibility for both the bereaved and the funeral home, the mortuary cooler, and freezer unit provides increased operational performance, lower energy costs, and a highly effective method to store bodies. The interior of the unit can be designed to accommodate a mortuary roll in cart, caskets as well as dressing tables

Polar King Medical Applications

Polar King coolers and freezers offer refrigerated storage solutions to a diverse group of medical applications. From hospitals to pharmaceutical testing, Polar King is the ideal solution for precise and reliable temperature control. Contact us for more information on other medical and industry uses.