Polar King Mobile Accessories

Polar King Mobile Accessories: Enhancing Your Refrigerated Trailer

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Polar King Mobile offers a range of accessories specifically designed to enhance the functionality and performance of your refrigerated trailers. Whether you’re a dealer looking to expand your product offerings or a trailer owner seeking to upgrade your equipment, Polar King Mobile Accessories provide convenient and reliable solutions.

Polar King Mobile Accessories: Enhance Your Trailer Experience

Polar King Mobile Accessories are designed to complement refrigerated trailers, providing added convenience and functionality. Let’s take a closer look at some of the essential accessories available:

Polar King Mobile Accessories
  1. Spare Tires and Wheels: To ensure uninterrupted operation, having spare tires is crucial. Polar King Mobile offers two different sets of spare tires, suitable for their 16′ trailers as well as the 8′ and 12′ trailers. These spare tires come in both 5-lug nut and 10-lug nut options, providing versatility for different trailer models.
  2. Spare Tire Mount: Easy access to spare tires is essential in case of emergencies. The spare tire mount provided by Polar King Mobile is a simple and easy-to-install bracket. With pre-drilled holes, attaching the spare tire mount to the side of your refrigerated trailer is a breeze, ensuring quick access to your spare tire whenever needed.
  3. Trailer Step: For smooth entry and exit from your refrigerated trailer, the Polar King Mobile trailer step is a valuable accessory. It is designed for easy installation and removal, with pre-drilled bumper slots ensuring a secure fit. This accessory provides convenience and safety, making it easier for users to access the trailer.
  4. Generator Plate: In situations where on-site power is not available, a generator becomes essential to power the refrigerated trailer. Polar King Mobile offers a generator plate accessory that allows for easy installation and use of a generator. With pre-drilled holes at the front of the unit, attaching the generator plate is hassle-free, providing a reliable power solution.
  5. 6000 lbs. HD Axle: To enhance the storage capacity weight of your 12ft. refrigerated trailer, the 6000 lbs. HD Axle by Polar King Mobile is the perfect accessory. Specifically designed for their trailers, this optional upgrade allows users to increase the load-carrying capacity of their trailer unit, providing flexibility for various transport needs.

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Polar King Mobile

Polar King Mobile Accessories are designed to enhance the performance and functionality of refrigerated trailers. Whether you’re a dealer looking to expand your product offerings or a trailer owner seeking to upgrade your equipment, these accessories provide convenience, reliability, and increased capabilities. With spare tires, spare tire mounts, trailer steps, generator plates, and the 6000 lbs. HD axle, Polar King Mobile Accessories offer valuable solutions for a seamless and efficient trailer experience.

About Polar King Mobile

Polar King Mobile was founded in 2020 to provide North America with its first affordable, small, refrigerated trailer solution. The company’s refrigerated and freezer trailers, engineered specifically for outdoor and over-the-road use, feature a 100% seamless fiberglass design with a continuous surface. Polar King Mobile trailers are used by single unit operators, chain restaurants, schools, health care facilities, government agencies and many others requiring dependable outdoor refrigeration. For more information, visit polarkingmobile.com or call (866) 586-2051. Polar King Mobile is located at 4410 New Haven Ave Suite A, Fort Wayne, IN 46803 USA.