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Enhance Your Refrigerated Trailers with Polar King Mobile Accessories

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At Polar King Mobile, we understand the importance of having a reliable and efficient refrigerated trailer for your business. To further enhance the functionality and convenience of our trailers, we offer a range of accessories designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you are a dealer looking to resell these accessories or an end-user looking to upgrade your trailer, our high-quality accessories are the perfect solution.

Enhance Your Refrigerated Trailers with Polar King Mobile Accessories

Spare Tires and Mounting Brackets

5 or 6 Lug 15″ Spare Tire Mount: Ensure you are prepared for any situation with our easy-to-install spare tire mounting bracket. The pre-drilled holes allow you to securely attach the spare tire mount to the side of your refrigerated trailer, providing quick and easy access in case of a flat tire.

6000 lbs. HD Axle

Our 6000 lbs. HD Axle is specifically designed for Polar King Mobile’s 12ft. refrigerated trailers. This heavy-duty axle increases the storage capacity weight of your trailer, allowing you to carry more products and supplies. It’s an essential upgrade for businesses that require additional storage capabilities.

Generator Plate

Polar King Mobile Accessories

Generator Plate: For those who need generator power for their refrigerated trailer, our generator plate is the perfect accessory. With pre-drilled holes at the front of the unit, installation is straightforward and hassle-free. This accessory ensures that you have a reliable power source when onsite power is not available, making it ideal for remote locations.

Trailer Step

Trailer Step: Make entering and exiting your cooler trailer easier with the Polar King Mobile Step accessory. This easy-to-install step is designed to enhance the accessibility of your trailer, ensuring safe and convenient access for all users.

Spare Tire and Wheel

In addition to the mounting brackets, we offer spare tires and wheels for different trailer sizes:

  • Spare Tire and Wheel (16′)
  • Spare Tire and Wheel (8′ & 12′)

These spare tire options ensure that you are always prepared, regardless of the size of your refrigerated trailer.

Upgrade Your Trailer with Polar King Mobile Accessories

Enhancing your Polar King Mobile refrigerated trailer with our range of accessories is a smart investment that ensures optimal performance and convenience. Whether you need to increase storage capacity, improve accessibility, or ensure a reliable power source, our accessories are designed to meet your needs. Visit our website to explore our full range of accessories and take your mobile refrigeration to the next level.

By providing top-quality accessories, Polar King Mobile ensures that your refrigerated trailers are always ready to meet the demands of your business. Explore our accessories today and see how they can enhance your operations.