Florist Trailer

Polar King Mobile Refrigerated Florist Trailer

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The floral industry is a very demanding and competitive business that requires careful handling and storage to ensure product integrity. Because most flowers are extremely fragile and temperature-sensitive, they need to be kept cool environment from the point of harvest to sale. Whether you operate a floral shop or deliver flowers, it is important to find reliable and efficient refrigerated storage.

Polar King Mobile focuses exclusively on refrigerated trailer sales that solve a wide variety of existing and emerging needs. Our refrigerated trailers are the ideal solution for any type of flower storage. Whether you need mobile storage and delivery capabilities or want to expand your floral services, a Polar King Mobile florist trailer is the perfect fit.    

Floral Refrigerated Trailer Uses

  • Flower Delivery Services
  • Weddings and Events
  • Bouquets and Floral Arrangements   
  • Plant, Herb, and Seed Storage 
Florist Trailer

Polar King Mobile units are excellent for bulk flower storage, events, and weddings as well as items awaiting delivery. Each refrigerated trailer features a temperature range of 0°F to 50°F, a large 54” reinforced door, and a ¾” keg duty floor.

  • 0°F to 50°F Temperature Range
  • Available Sizes 6’x8’, 6’x12’, & 6’x16’
  • 110V/15Amp Electric
  • Large 54” Reinforced Door
  • Antimicrobial Interior
  • ¾” Keg Duty Floor

Refrigerated Florist Trailer

Delicate flowers need a proper environment to remain fresh for customers, weddings, and other events. After being harvested, most types of cut flowers have an optimal storage temperature range of 33°F – 37°F. In order to maintain the freshness and appearance of the fragile flower petals, they require precise storage temperatures.

The Urban Petal

The Urban Petal is a florist that provides arrangements, bouquets, plants, and flowers for weddings and events. They recently utilized a Polar King Mobile refrigerated trailer to store and deliver flowers, arrangements, and bouquets for a wedding. The unit conveniently allowed them to deliver their flower arrangements right to the tent for the outside wedding.