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Free-Standing Combination Refrigeration and Freezer Unit

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This 8’x38’ free-standing Polar King walk-in cooler freezer combo unit was custom built for a bakery in Glendale, California. This particular unit features individual walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer compartments.

Compliance with High-Velocity Hurricane Zones

Being so close to the coast, the restaurant required a walk-in unit that had the capability to withstand hurricane-force winds. So, for this purpose, we included a hurricane anchor kit that was installed on-site. All Polar King walk-in units are Miami-Dade County product control approved. This means all Polar King products are designed to comply with the high-velocity hurricane zone of the Florida building code. Miami-Dade NOA No. 18-0516.05.


  • Cooler/Freezer Combination
  • Compliance with High-Velocity Hurricane Zones
  • Custom Paint
  • Architectural Series Design Package
  • 3/4 OSB Flooring
  • (2) 36”x84” Doors
  • Stainless Steel Kick Plates
  • (2) 14”x14” Heated Door View Windows
  • Center Mount Evaporator Coil 
  • (2) Condensate Pumps & Evaporator Pans  

Custom Paint and Architectural Series Design Package

The exterior of this walk-in unit has a custom paint job. Our client provided us with a paint code from a national paint manufacturer, which we matched free of charge. In this case the exterior color choice was Dunes Tan for the top portion of the unit.

In order to match the look of their current building, our client elected to upgrade to a brick and granite exterior finish for the bottom portion of the unit. To blend the two sections together, a flat transition piece was used from the bottom of the brick to the top of the fiberglass finish.

3/4 OSB Flooring and Custom Doors

On the interior of the unit, our client also elected to upgrade to 3/4” OSB flooring. This increased floor load enables heavier products to be stored inside the walk-in cooler freezer combo. For larger loading options, we have installed two 36×84 inch doors. To protect the unit from accidental damage by hand trucks or pallet jacks the customer upgraded to stainless steel kick plating on both the inside and outside of the doors. 

We have also installed two 14×14 heated door view windows. This allows for visual access to the inside of the walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer compartments.

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